For the Adventurers and Creators


YES! WE TRAVEL! Al 'Fresko is a wonderful option for any retreats you might be hosting. Every retreat is different and pricing is catered to your specific needs.

Styling and photoshoots:

Need some content for your social media, brand or product and our vibes work for you? Let us know what you are thinking and we can whip something up!

**Please contact us for any inquiries and we can put together a special package for you**

All of our platters consist of a mix of organic and locally sourced
nibbles for that honest to goodness "farm to picnic" feel!

Platter contents can vary dependent on the season. 
If you have any preferences, allergies or dietary requirements,
please inform us at the time of reservation so
we can prepare accordingly.

Your perfect retreat is missing one thing... US!