Brought together by a love for food, travel and the life-long connections created when mixing the two. Our mission is to create a common space for people to connect and make beautiful memories. 


On a sunny Sunday afternoon, in the heart of Baja California, Mexico. Two girls with salty hair, sunkissed skin and tacos in hand, crossed paths and instantly knew it was fate. 

Ok, Ok.. we know! That story is probably cheesier than all of our cheese platters combined. But that's how it felt! Cheesy and magical. We both love Mexico so much and bringing people together outside, good 'ol fashioned picnic style, over some good food with a cozy set-up just creates the best vibes, connections and memories!

Al Fresco ( pronuncitation: /al ˈfreskō/ ) in Spanish literally translates to "in the open air" 

"Growing up in a large family in the south, I have always had a love for communal dining and hostessing and of course Southern hospitality as a Texas native. As a kid I would always play waitress and I would make my parents sit at the table and serve them... and well, I just never stopped. The transition from Texas to California and my travels in-between have shown me so much more value in not only feeding, but nourishing the body, and that instinctive human need for connection.  It has always been my passion to bring people together over a good meal. It fills my heart to know what a sense of community that brings, especially knowing that my passion is the joining factor."

-Jenny Niezgolda, Co-founder

"When I met Jenny, I had been working in the Hospitality industry, specifically event planning and design, for quite some time. There are few things I love more than creating a warm and welcoming space with the perfect ambiance to make people feel comfortable as if they are at home, yest simultaneously, something so special that will remain a memory forever. She and I are both notorious for being the group "hostesses" within our circle of friends. We both had such a passion for bringing people together in a relaxing and welcoming environment that we just said to each other one day: "Hey, why isn't anyone doing this?" And so we did it!

Our mission was to provide a catering and event design company that was accessible for the average person, but make it unique and gourmet... turning the ordinary into the extraordinairy. We took something average, that most people love and enjoy and gave it a fun and authentic twist. And so was born Al Fresko!

-Kat Reynolds, Co-Founder